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US study casts doubts on early prevention

Early dental prevention has been called into question by a study in the US. Researchers found that children with early preventive dental care were more likely to have future dental treatment compared to children who did not receive early prevention. […]

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Married couples more likely to seek cancer help

As oral cancer rates spike among women in Ireland, researchers find that married couples are more easily encouraged by their spouses to seek medical care when problems arise. People


EFP defends use of toothpaste while brushing

A recent review has found that toothbrushing alone may be just as effective as toothbrushing with toothpaste to remove plaque. It found that there is 'moderate certainty that toothbrushing

kidney gum disease link

Study shows kidney and gum disease link

Patients with chronic kidney disease and gum disease could have a higher risk of death than patients with healthy gums. Research analysed data from 13,734 people living in the

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Economic growth will be ‘strong’ in 2016

Economic growth is expected to be strong in 2015 and 2016, with Ireland's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) forecast to grow by approximately 6.7% in 2015 and 4.8% in

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Sleep apnoea study ‘milestone’ for treatment access

A new sleep apnoea device from medical device company Imthera Medical will be tested on its first two patients. The patients have been implanted with the company’s Aura6000 system


Gum disease treatment hopeful for prostate sufferers

A study has shown that treating gum disease reduces prostate inflammation, also known as prostatitis. Researchers believe this study proves even further that gum disease is a ‘system-wide condition’

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Chewing gum may block out annoying ‘earworms’

Chewing gum could help turn off incessant ‘earworms’, a study has found. Research found that people who chewed gum after hearing catchy songs were less likely to think about


Fizzy drinks present triple threat to kids’ teeth

Researchers are warning parents of the dangers of highly acidic drinks that could present a ‘triple threat’ of permanent damage to young people’s teeth. Highly acidic drinks include soft


Red wine kills oral bacteria

Red wine could help ward off dental diseases, researchers have discovered. Researchers dipped biofilm models of dental disease-causing bacteria in red wine, alcohol-free red wine, red wine with grape

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