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US study casts doubts on early prevention

Early dental prevention has been called into question by a study in the US. Researchers found that children with early preventive dental care were more likely to have future dental treatment compared to children who did not receive early prevention. […]

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Sugary diets and dental neglect impacting elderly

Sugar, bad diets and a lack of dental care are having a severe impact on nursing home patients across the country. Some are having up to 20 teeth extracted,

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Keep Kids’ Teeth Clean 2017

Join us as we put kids’ teeth first in our new initiative for 2017 – Keep Kids’ Teeth Clean – and help improve understanding around child oral health If

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Teething pain may be figment of imagination

Teething pain may just be a figment of parents’ imagination, claims a paediatric dentist. Speaking to the Irish Times, Kirsten Fitzgerald, consultant paediatric dental surgeon at Our Lady’s Children

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Breakthrough treatment for TMJD disorders

A 'revolutionary' new way to treat temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJD) has been approved for use in the UK and Ireland. The Cerezen device comprises a pair of removable custom-made


Space dentistry: extraterrestrial studies on teeth

What impact can space have on our teeth? Balwant Rai explains how a fascination with space and dentistry lead him to study the effects of the space environment


Irish men worry about their ‘yellow teeth’

A male body hang-ups survey revealed that 10% of Irish men fret about their yellow teeth. It may not be a lot, but the results show that body hang-ups,


Fizzy drinks present triple threat to kids’ teeth

Researchers are warning parents of the dangers of highly acidic drinks that could present a ‘triple threat’ of permanent damage to young people’s teeth. Highly acidic drinks include soft


Stem cell dentistry could mend broken teeth

A team of US scientists have discovered how to use wavelengths of light to regenerate broken or damaged teeth. The team used a low-power laser to trigger human dental

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